LST Group, LLC is growing!

Some companies have growing pains, but here at LST Group, LLC we are having growing “gains”!!    Just look at all of the new employees we have hired within the past month! 1 Logistics Operations Manager 1 Sales Representative 2 Logistics Coordinators 1 Customer Service Representative 1 Carrier Management Associate All of these fine people […]

A bit of transportation history on a Friday!

Trucking has been a part of the transportation industry since the late 1800’s when the first internal combustion engine was put in a truck by Karl Benz. Prior to this date, steam engines drove the trucks. The change to an internal combustion engine made an improvement in trucks. These engines were much more powerful and […]

McLeod Software Key User Training

We take all of our technology seriously here at LST Group, but training on that technology is equally important, so that our employees are efficient & knowledgeable when utilizing specific software or hardware. Keeping that in mind, we have a representative from LST Group attending a training program at McLeod Software’s HQ this week in […]


LST Group news – Coming Soon!